Functional Movement Assessment

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) 


Reduce your risk of injury by 3.5 times by learning how to move right!

  • What if there was a way you could train to reduce the incidence of injury, aches and pains with movement.  
  • What if you could improve performance, power and strength in the sport you love.   
  • Do you find yourself limited in performing activities of daily living?  
  • Do you find that you can’t break through that plateau to achieve the next level in sports performance?  
  • Do you find that limitations in movement keep you from pursuing activity?      
Building a strong foundation of good functional movement will help you achieve all of the above! You can have amazing breakthroughs in fitness, sport, performance and in life. 

Mary has been working with clients since June, 2014, improving how they move. Mary and her clients have seen huge improvements in movement, strength, reduction of painful movement and general feelings of well being!

Sign up for a Movement Assessment to find out how well you move and learn corrective exercises to get you back on course!



Functional Movement Assessment    $75