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Functional Movement and Training Class

Next 6 week class begins March 9, 2017

6 Week Class, meeting 1 time per week, Thursdays at 5:15pm. 45 minute sessions, $140 (returning participants $100). Limited to 6 people per class. Call 307-640-4097 to reserve your spot.IMG_1091

  •  Train to reduce the incidence of injury, aches and pains with movement.  
  •  Improve performance, power and strength in the sport you love.   
  •  Do you find yourself limited in performing activities of daily living?  
  •  Break through that plateau to achieve your next level in sports performance?  
  •  Do you find that limitations in movement keep you from pursuing activity?    
Building a strong foundation of good functional movement will help you achieve all of the above! You can have amazing breakthroughs in fitness, sport, performance and in life.

Personal Training Services

                  50 Minute Session     $75

                  30 Minute Session     $55 





 All Classes are available on a monthly basis. Check out what we have to offer: 

6am Bootcamp: MWF $120 per month. $15 drop in fee per class. Open to the first 12 recruits! Mary pushes you through these demanding workouts.

29412:15pm Boot Camp: MWF. $120 per month.  This is a 30 minute workout. $15 drop in fee. Open to first 12 recruits!  Mary pushes you through these demanding workouts.

Women with Weights: MW, 5:30pm. $80 per month.  You can still drop in for $15 per session. A great workout with a personal trainer without having to pay the one-to-one fees!

Active Aging: MWF, 8am. $90 per month. You can drop in for $15 per class. A workout focused on the needs of the older adult. Strength, balance, agility, movement, flexibility and endurance.

Gentle Yoga: TTH, 8am. $80 per month. Yoga principles and philosophies applied in a gentler form. For all ability levels.

Metabolic Efficiency Training: Find out how you can take your sports performance level to the next level! Through the manipulation of nutrition coupled with exercise you can teach your body to burn more fat, rely less on carbohydrate supplementation, decrease body weight and fat, decrease cravings, increase energy and improve recovery from exercise bouts. Mary can help you plan your strategies for reaching that next level! MET Coaching starts at $120.

Coaching: The internet is abound with training programs you can buy to help you train for your next foot race (5K, 10K, 1/2 or full marathon), or your next multisport event (triathlon, duathlon, aquabike). What these programs lack is they don’t know you!! By receiving coaching from Mary, she evaluates where you are using tests that fit your sport, she helps you plan your season, sets up your training in smaller, distinctive, goal oriented segments. She focuses on helping yoCIMG1470u gradually reach peak performance through a planned series of steps. Mary applies all aspects of training: endurance, strength, stretching, nutrition, rest. She adjusts your training program to deal with over-training or injury. If this is your first race out of the gate or  you want your next competition to be your best yet, call Mary to get started!! Coaching programs start at $120.



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